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When it comes to semiconductor R&D, the complexity levels rise when many project management software fails to cater to all requirements due to the rapid changes to prices and trends in the semiconductor electrical engineering industry. Therefore, SYNCAST offers a streamlined turnkey solution for your semiconductor integrated circuit from RTL to layout design flow management.

What do we offer? TymeDeck is a one-key solution to your semiconductor development that excels in the following applications.


Enable semiconductor industries to take the leap

While many companies can develop breakthrough products, they struggle to do so continuously, consistently, and timely.

Semiconductor life cycle are often pushed to make tradeoffs between chip development projects, sacrificing quality and schedule in one project to accommodate the success of the other. With rapidly changing customer needs and constantly shrinking product shelf lives, winning semiconductor companies will be those that can easily manage multiple complex chip development projects across a distributed design chain of internal employees, IP vendors, and design partners.

Syncast has responded to this need for comprehensive enterprise project management across the integrated circuit design chain with an enterprise project management solution tailored to how IC design chains operate. Syncast solution considers the functional verification, static analysis processes and workflows of hardware design teams and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.  IC companies that can continuously deliver a steady stream of winning products to market, stand to gain progressive, long-term competitive advantage. 

Features that great teams need


Workflow Orchestration

Build the workflow through the user-friendly editor to increase control and flexibility in engineering methodology. Test early, catch bugs early and deliver design early with full test coverage, including simulation, FPGA, power, performance, area, DFT, etc.


Automation Libraries

Share tasks and workflows through published libraries between team members. Maximize automation reusability and team collaboration. Easily add any EDA electronic design automation tool to a workflow with a minimal learning curve.


Intelligent Data Extraction

Setup active test log monitors that automatically detect patterns to extract insightful data. TymeDeck™ intelligently generates & updates JIRA and Bugzilla tickets upon test failure; an effective way to debug fast.


Real-Time Insights Dashboard

Acquire an overview of the crucial design quality metrics and project status on a unified dashboard. Receive alerts for critical events (such as coverage drops, power and gate count violations, test failures, etc.) through email and mobile devices. Give the earliest attention to critical issues.